Persuasive Writing that Gets Results … Guaranteed!
Persuasive Writing that Gets Results … Guaranteed!

Not all writers are created equal. There’s great skill, expertise, and talent that goes into writing copy that effectively persuades, hits psychological triggers and produces results. Buyers are persuaded first by emotion— then they justify their choice with logic.
If you do not reach them first on an emotional level, they won’t respond.

To reach buyers, you must first know who they are … speak their language … and know their psychological triggers. Next, you must know the important steps their brains undergo during the decision-making process. If you fail to satisfy even one of them— or fail to evoke emotions — there will be no action on their part.


  • Important website copy that differentiates your company from the crowd…
  • That “can’t miss” direct-response sales letter or video squeeze page…
  • A compelling “FREE eBook” to gather e-mail addresses or to give as bonuses…
  • Or a series of articles or blogs that makes you appear as an “authority” and builds your website traffic…

There is a different strategy that must go into each one of these — they must each have the important critical ingredients to be successful. Learn More

Author: Christine Alexander
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Client Testimonial

"Christine Alexander has a distinct talent for distilling the essence of complicated verbiage to create compelling sales copy. I would highly recommend her for those who need help developing effective promotional material."

Jud Hair,
Executive Director Continuing & Professional Education
NC State University